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KAIZEN by PRAN Engineering Department at HIP

KAIZEN by PRAN Engineering Department at HIP

Published on: 18th May, 2017
KAIZEN by PRAN Engineering Department at HIP

PRAN Engineering Department of Habiganj Industrial Park (HIP) has completed a KAIZEN work and saved BDT 2, 40,000 Tk. HIPE sheet machine was controlled by SSR (Solid State Relay) system in which production was continuously facing some major problems. They have replaced SSR and PLC system by MCB temperature controller and relay. Now, the machine is totally controlled by magnetic contactor instead of SSR and PLC. Some benefits of KAIZEN are break down time rapidly reduced-only 15 minutes where production used to wait for uncertain time, the used materials are available in Bangladesh, product quality much developed than previous and the ability of supervisors have been improved to quickly identify and resolve the problems. Now, the HIPE sheet machine is smoothly functioning (from 12th February 2017) with better output than previ- ous (SSR) system.

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