FAQ List

How to exchange a product?

Dear Customer, Please check before you receive the product. Currently, we do not have an exchange procedure. For details, call at - 08007777777. Th... read more

How to get a dealership ?

Dear Customer, to be a dealer you must have a Trade license, TIN, Warehouse or Shop, Pick up van, and 5 to 6 lack BDT investment capability. For de... read more

How much effort does PRAN put into environmental and CSR initiatives?

We take environmental issues very seriously and we are committed to improving and maintaining the integrity of the environment and the communities... read more

How can I apply for a sponsorship or partnership of a project?

To find out more about funding for environment projects, please contact us directly at our head office via phone or email provided in the contact u... read more

Where can I get more information about PRAN products in my own country?

The brands section contains information about all our brands and you can view the brands available in your country. (Link will be available soon)... read more