Agricultural Extension

PRAN, the leading food processing company in Bangladesh, is committed to providing high-quality, nutritious food products to its consumers. With a diverse range of offerings including chocolates, chips, dairy products, spices, beverages, and much more, PRAN has become a household name in the country. What sets PRAN apart is its unique approach to sourcing raw materials directly from a vast network of 100,000 contractual farmers, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability.


At PRAN, we believe that agriculture is the backbone of our nation. We are dedicated to empowering farmers across Bangladesh by offering them a reliable and sustainable market for their produce. Our strong bond with farmers has been instrumental in transforming their lives and livelihoods. By providing them with guaranteed purchases, fair prices, and technical assistance, we help them maximize their yields and improve their income.

"PRAN has been a true partner in our farming journey. With their guaranteed purchase system, we no longer worry about finding buyers for our produce. This has brought stability and confidence to our lives," says Rahman, a proud PRAN farmer.


"The support from PRAN goes beyond just purchasing our crops. They also provide us with training and guidance on modern farming techniques, which has significantly increased our productivity," adds Fatima, another satisfied PRAN farmer.

In addition to sourcing agricultural produce, PRAN has established its own dairy hub to ensure the production of high quality milk and dairy products. This integrated approach allows us to maintain strict control over the entire supply chain, from the farm to the consumers' table. By adopting best practices in cattle rearing, milk collection, and processing, PRAN ensures that every product that reaches your home is pure, nutritious, and safe.


PRAN takes pride in promoting sustainable farming practices among its contracted farmers. We actively encourage them to adopt eco-friendly techniques that minimize the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, reduce water consumption, and protect the natural biodiversity. By championing sustainable agriculture, PRAN aims to preserve the environment and ensure the long-term viability of farming for generations to come.