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Corporate Values

Pran has a wide range of brands. Pran brands are so popular all over the world.

Corporate Values

PRAN prides itself on being an organization that has performed excellently not only on a domestic level but on a global level as well. As an environment friendly organization, PRAN has set an industry-wide benchmark in its home country through its continuous contributions to the economy. 

The talent management within the corporation has allowed its excellent workforce to work together in building an organization that believes in providing equal opportunity for everyone. Also, PRAN acknowledges all the complaints and suggestions given from every single level of the organization. PRAN’s corporate culture is based on maintaining professional integrity. PRAN rewards competence and the workflow is deadline oriented. 

As a company, PRAN has always endorsed environmentalism and understands its responsibility to advocate and practice ecologically beneficial activities. Furthermore, it nurtures the belief of taking care of each of its stakeholders as well as the society at large. And so, PRAN puts its belief into practice by carrying out activities that benefit the economy and thus, the people operating within that economy. 

Winners of 14th PRAN National Pickle Competition

News and Events

20th September, 2021

আয়তনে ৫৬ হাজার বর্গমাইলের এ দেশকে একসময় শুনতে হয়েছে তলাবিহীন ঝুড়ির অপবাদ। কিন্তু বাংলাদেশের... read more

12th September, 2021

পরিবেশের সুরক্ষায় প্লাস্টিকপণ্য পুনঃব্যবহার বা রিসাইক্লিংয়ে জোর দিচ্ছে দেশের শীর্ষস্থানীয়... read more