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Community Development

We’ve dedicated ourselves to uphold the communities, to improve their livelihood.

Community Development

Life is always about helping each other and lifting up one another when in need. Community development is one core objective that we rely on. We at PRAN, love to engage with millions of people in our daily life starting from the farmers, employers, clients and the consumers.  

We’re always involved in helping people come together to have a better community.  In addition, we always explore all opportunities that’ll help individuals, families and communities to achieve long-lasting goals.

Whether by repairing and developing the transportation network, extending supports to the poor, distributing relief among flood victims, or supporting all religious institutions PRAN was always ready to come forward and support. 

The ones who are in greatest need we always held our main focus towards them and their growth. Which is why we’ve introduced contract farming, a new concept in Bangladesh, to enhance their livelihood by creating employment opportunities. More than 100,000 contract farmers are growing the ingredients for PRAN. We provide them with assistance, tools and financial supports.

Nutrition has been our great concern which is why we established Dairy Hub to support the dairy farmers. We’re currently working with more than 100,000 farmers of 87 villages from 18 different districts in North Bengal.  We are supporting backward supplier through agro farming and also helping with the production of different crops, fruits and vegetable, as a whole which is called contract farming.  Through these, we can help the underprivileged lift themselves out of poverty and lead the nation to prosperity.

News and Events

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22nd November, 2022

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